Quality automotive batteries at competitive prices

On any car, the one piece of equipment that can make or break a journey is the battery. Battery failure can leave you stranded miles from home, in the dark, late at night. Or cause you to miss a flight.Sometimes batteries run flat, especially if the vehicle hasn’t been used for a while, and this may be a simple matter of charging the battery.On the other hand, if the battery is old and it has been discharged and charged a few times, it may well need replacement. If a well maintained engine fails to start first time, and subsequent attempts result in the starter motor turning over slowly, the battery is likely to have lost its cranking power.Buying a quality battery is essential, and making sure it is suitable for the car is vital, so as to prevent damage to the electrics. A quality battery will give years of use, but buying quality doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive. It is not always necessary to fit the original equipment (OE) battery as specified and supplied by the car dealership, as these can often be needlessly expensive with no increase in quality or reliability. At Battery2U, we carry batteries that are used as OE by many manufacturers at a fraction of the price. We have over 40 years experience in the automotive battery industry, and we deal directly with the manufacturer to save you money.If you’re looking for a battery for a specific make or model of car, our website (www.battery2u.co.uk) will enable you to see a range of batteries to fit your vehicle at a range of prices. We stock all the leading brands such as Exide, Varta, Numax and Lucas, as well as catering for cars, motorcycles vans, HGV s and even boats. In addition ,we stock a range of leisure and deep-cycle batteries, suitable for running electrics away from a power source, for instance caravans and pleasure boats.As well as the leading brands, we sell a variety of high-quality budget batteries by South African manufacturer Dynamic. This is a lesser-known brand, and these batteries may be very competitively priced, yet they still meet meet the stringent ISO9002 standard for durability and build quality, so that you can be sure of their reliability.We also stock batteries for other non-automotive applications such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, alarm and back up systems.

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The Importance of a Quality Car Battery

With today’s advancements in technology, the demands on a car battery are significantly greater than what they once were. Therefore selecting and maintaining one of a high quality is fundamental to your car’s performance.

Added extras such as stereo and alarm systems can use up a great deal of electricity, and many modern cars now come with in-board computers. These may save on fuel consumption and improve the performance quality of your car, but they consume a significant amount of electricity in the process.

Weather conditions and temperature can also take a great strain on many components of your car, but the battery is affected a great deal in particular. Car batteries are prone to deteriorate, both in hot and cold weathers. Batteries of a poor quality are more likely to do this, which may affect start-up predominantly in the colder weather, and especially if the car is parked up for great deals of time with infrequent use. Cars that often travel in harsh driving conditions, whether that be due to weather circumstances or bumpy roads, will begin to suffer battery corrosion or water loss that can have detrimental affects on performance. It is therefore necessary to have a high quality battery that can withstand these conditions for longer and prevent drainage.

The more frequently a battery requires charging, the more it will begin to deteriorate and it’s performance will diminish over time. There are many instances that can cause even a high quality battery to exhaust; for instance, leaving the stereo on when parked up. A high quality battery will be able to sustain more charges than that of a lower quality, though over time it’s performance will inevitably diminish, as with all electrical devices.
No high quality battery will be able to operate to it’s maximum potential if it is not compatible with the car. When choosing a battery, you should consider your car’s specifications to certify that the battery is compatible, and to decrease the risk of over or under-charging. This will increase the chances of acid leakage and corrosion, causing long term damage to the battery tray hence battery failure will be more prone. If in any doubt, refer to your car’s manual or contact a mechanic before purchasing any type of car battery to guarantee proper functioning.

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Exide Car Batteries

Welcome to our Exide battery section. Exide batteries are o.e. (original equipment) for some of the worlds major car manufacturers, the new Exide TE range of batteries deliver highly-concentrated energy, high capacity, and high starting power-all combined in the same battery. Great advances in manufacturing processes and outstanding materials quality has allowed development of a battery with extended product lifetime compared to a standard battery due to better resistance to discharge and recharge gained by improved active paste adherence on the metal grids, larger capacity reserve provided by the use of thicker plates, better corrosion resistance gained by expanded metal grids (Exmet) and use of improved metal alloys and high starting power and reliability in all weather conditions, delivering a greater number of engine starts. The Exide te range of batteries are designed for cars with powerful diesel and petrol engines, superior equipment (factory standard+optional extras), extreme hot and cold operating temperatures and everyday driving and intensive urban use.

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Varta Car Battery Range

Varta Black Dynamic Car Battery

We carry in stock the full range of Varta car batteries including Varta Black Dynamic car batteries. These batteries are designed for customers who require a top quality car battery at a very low price. They are suited for older cars and vehicles that tend to have less electronic equipment. However with high quality manufactured construction the Varta Black Dynamic car battery is a great value solution for people on a lower budget.


Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery

We also carry in stock the Varta Blue Dynamic car battery which is one of the best selling car batteries on the market today and come as original equipment for some of the world’s best car manufacturers. The Varta blue car battery has excellent cold starting capabilities even under the most extreme weather conditions so you can rest assured that when you purchase a Varta Blue Dynamic car battery you will have trouble free starting power for years to come.


Varta Silver Dynamic Car Battery

The top of the league in the Varta car battery range is the Varta Silver Dynamic car battery. This thoroughbred of car batteries is one of the best on the market today. The battery is suited for powerful diesel and petrol engines with maximum starting power. Even cars with demanding electronic devices attached you can be sure you will have maximum starting capabilities every time you turn the key and with a 5 year warranty you will be getting only the very best with the Varta Silver Dynamic car battery. Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries are designed for vehicles with a high drain rate such as large luxury cars including Aston Martin and Bentley. The Varta Silver car battery is also ideal for use on any vehicle were you require a lot of reserve power. They are Audi, Mercedes, Renault, Nissan and Ford. There are 2 batteries in this range the Varta E39 and the Varta G14.


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Commercial, HGV, Truck Batteries

Our range of commercial HGV batteries extends over 5 different brands, these brands include some of the best known and most trusted battery manufacturers in Europe. Exide, Varta and Lucas commercial batteries are renouned for their quality and reliability, aspects that any business relies on to keep their working vehicles were they should be, on the road and doing the jobs they are designed for. At Battery2u we offer good discounts on multiple units ordered, a standard delivery charge of £41.99 applies on any order upto 1000kg, of course customers are also welcome to collect from our warehouse in Bootle, Liverpool free of  delivery charge.

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Exide Motorcycle Batteries

Our new range of Exide motorcycle batteries are becoming more and more popular and with the motorbike season upon us stocks are currently flying out of the door. The motorcycle range includes conventional and sealed maintenance free batteries. All come with a acid pack supplied inside the box and are suitable for vehicles including motorcycle and scooter, AVT and utility, watercraft and jet ski, snowmobile, garden and tractor. Exide sealed motorcycle batteries offer high power performance and extended service life, they are absolutely maintenance free, with calcium alloy plates and AGM construction which means the acid is immobilised within the cell by soaking into the absorbant glass matt (AGM), they are suitable for most applications including motion tilting because they are fully sealed after activation. Our range of conventional Exide motorcycle batteries offer great value for money whilst using top quality materials including lead acid construction, all come dry charged with a acid pack supplied.

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Origins Of Varta

The Varta brand was created in Germany in 1904 and originated in Hagen, Westphalia. Gunther Quandt acquired the company after the first world war. The company manufactured batteries for the German army including submarines and also the Luftwaffe during world war two.

Today Varta is owned by Johnson Controls, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world and their headquaters are in Hanover, Germany. Varta batteries are one of the best known and best selling brands of battery in Europe, supplying batteries to top car manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes and Audi to name a few. Varta car batteries are renound for their quality, built using the unique powerframe technology system, this type of car battery offers a special grid design that is highly corrosion-resistant and robust, supplying higher performance over a longer period of time. The manufacturing process is a lot greener too, these car batteries require 20% less energy to produce, therefor offering a reduction in greenhouse gases.

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New range of Varta coming soon

A completely new range of Varta batteries will be added to our extensive catalogue soon including Varta start-stop batteries, these batteries are designed for vehicles which incorporate the start-stop system such as the BMW efficient dynamics range and the new mini to name a couple. Varta start-stop batteries will become more popular for many cars, over the next 5 years around 70% of all new cars built will have the start-stop system. Also a new range of Varta AGM marine batteries will become available suitable for dual purpose use i.e starting as well as deep cycling with minimal self discharge.

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Battery2u helps bride get to the church on time!

Battery2u recently helped a local wedding company Barringtons Wedding Cars who had trouble starting one of their wedding cars, we fitted the car with the Exide premium 067te, they were so impressed with the quality of the battery and service they received that another 2 of their wedding cars have since been fitted with Exide premium batteries.

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Exide and Porsche

Exide recently secured a deal to sponsor juta racing, the team behind Jonas Gelzinis in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB. Gelzinis, 22 is tipped to win this seasons Pro-Am 1 title so there was fierce competition to sponsor the Lithuanian. But it isnt just Exide thats on a winning streak, Jonas won Sundays Pro-Am 1 race and is leading his category after the first weekends event. He is on sixteen points, giving him a five-point lead over second place Derek Pierce. 14 million will watch ITVS Carrera Cup GB coverage, 300 thousand will spectate over 10 weekends and millions more will follow the event across print, radio and online.

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